~ “Sweet” John clings to Life, Condition Improving ~
John's Recovery Progress
John’s recovery from day one on Aug. 30 to day five on Sept. 3.
By Michael Mullins
Published September 3, 2012
On Thursday, August 30, an emaciated dog, weighing only 18 lbs and covered from head to toe in dried feces, was found lying on a curb in the Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York.

Initially recovered by Animal Care and Control, the dog, which was named John by staff at the city shelter, was thought to be near death upon arrival and was quickly transported to a Brooklyn veterinarian after Sean Casey Animal Rescue assumed possession of the severely emaciated and dehydrated animal.

Upon examination at the vet’s office, John was found to have a deep gash on his neck, possibly caused by the choke collar found on him, and a body temperature that barely registered. So low was his temperature, hospital staff had to keep him on heating pads for a full day before they could give him a bath.

Unable to move his limbs or lift his head, John could only blink his first day at the animal hospital according to Theresa LaBianca, adoption coordinator at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Despite his pain and immobility, within hours of being taken to the animal hospital LaBianca said John had already began to wag his tail.

“Staff at the veterinary hospital all love him and say he is so sweet, when you consider everything he must have endured. It’s amazing the personality he has,” said LaBianca. “He now weighs 25 lbs, some of which is fluid because he was so dehydrated, and all his organs are functioning, which is very promising. We’re hopeful that his condition will continue to improve with time.”

Approximately 18 months of age, the mixed breed, believed to be a Labrador-Pit Bull mix, should have weighed in the area of 60 lbs for his size and age according to LaBianca, more than three times his actual weight when found.

Based in Brooklyn, Sean Casey Animal Rescue has been rescuing and finding loving homes for stray and abandoned animals since 1998. Presently, the animal rescue non-profit is seeking a $250,000 grant from the Chase Community Giving initiative. To help them obtain this grant, cast your vote for Sean Casey Animal Rescue between Sept. 6 – 19 by clicking here.EndBox
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