CONTINUED - Thirteen Shelties need Homes following Brooklyn Hoarder Raid…Part II
By Michael Mullins
Published August 26, 2012
Practice, eight of which will be transferred today to TSSSR fosters, with Canzoneri herself fostering one or two. New England Sheltie Rescue, Houston Texas Sheltie Rescue and Maryland Sheltie Rescue will also be taking dogs courtesy of Animal Rescue Flights, a nonprofit in which pilots volunteer to transport rescued animals across the country to get adopted.

According to Canzoneri, due the terrible conditions in which the animals were kept, they require “patience, time and understanding, however, with time they will become loved and happy dogs. They will never be overly social but they will come around nicely!”

February’s raid was not the first time Canzoneri had removed dogs from the Sustic residence.

In 2002, Canzoneri removed and found loving homes for ten Shelties she had taken from the same Sheepshead Bay hoarder. At the time Canzoneri, who was just starting out in animal rescue, says she had informed the ASPCA of the hoarding situation and went on to other rescue efforts expecting the organization to rectify the situation. Eight years later, Canzoneri received a call from Dr. Abraham requesting assistance with the rescue of 16 Shelties from, to her shock, the same Sheepshead Bay hoarder.

In 2010, Canzoneri, Dr. Abraham and several volunteers rented a U-Haul, stocked it with crates and removed an additional 16 dogs from the hoarder. The dogs received medical attention at Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice courtesy of Dr. Abraham and were placed in homes throughout the tri-state and Texas via another Sheltie rescue based in Houston.

Since rescuing those 16 dogs two years ago, Canzoneri made it her mission to free the remaining 23 dogs, almost all Shelties, which the hoarder refused to surrender to her. Contacting every city agency she could, from the Department of Health to the NYPD to Social Workers, Canzoneri even reached out to an assemblyman to no avail. Finally, the relentless animal rescuer made a connection with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) – a San Francisco-based organization comprised of attorneys who advocate on behalf of animal rights and welfare issues. The ALDF then reached out to the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office and convinced the DA that a law was possibly being broken.

In response, the Brooklyn DA sent Canzoneri back to the hoarder’s residence several times with undercover detectives, video cameras and recorders before obtaining a search and seizure warrant that gave way to the February raid.

Canzoneri was not alone in her passion to help these dogs. In addition to discounting the cost for the medical treatment of the rescued dogs both earlier this month and in 2010, Dr. Abraham, a strong animal welfare advocate, brought in another veterinarian, Dr. Angelo Rosado, and closed his practice to his regular customers on the day the animals were released by ACC. According to Dr. Abraham, by day’s end Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice had completed a number of spays, neuters and dental cleanings (with multiple extractions) among other procedures to improve the overall health of the dogs.

Over the next ten days the animals were further medicated by Noah’s Ark staff and received baths and grooming sessions by Canzoneri and her volunteers. The dogs were also socialized to the point they were running around in the yard and playing together according to Dr. Abraham. Though some of the rescued Shelties will be traveling to other parts of the country where foster parents are ready and able to house them until they can be adopted, eight of the dogs will remain with TSSSR volunteers who are actively searching for loving homes for them.

To inquire about making one of these gentle Shelties a part of your family or to make a contribution toward their care email Julie Canzoneri at or call 516.574.9989. Similarly, the ACC is also seeking donation to help cover the nearly $85,000 cost associated with caring for the rescued shelter, to make a donation visit End