Woman jumps in Front of Car to Save Dog
By Michael Mullins
Published Winter 2010
On Saturday, Nov. 6, while on her way
home from a Mighty Mutts Adoption
Event in Union Square, actress and animal rescuer, Michelle Marlowe, was walking
with a foster dog in Tribeca when a car, ignoring the pedestrian walk sign, turned
into her in the crosswalk. Unable to get herself and the dog out of the way in time, Marlowe turned back in front of the
oncoming car and shielded the pup with
her own body.

“I instinctively turned in to protect the dog
and body block him,” recalls Marlowe, who suffered minor injuries to her right hand.
After risking her own life for a foster dog she only knew a couple of weeks, Animal Rescuer Michelle Marlowe, seen above with Bossie in her arms, decided to adopt the young Pit Bull pup after a car hit the two of them in a Tribeca crosswalk several weeks ago.
“If (the dog) had been hit head-on, he would have had internal injuries. It’s a minor miracle neither one of us broke anything that night.”

Although Marlowe did her best to cover the dog’s body, the pup’s back right leg got caught underneath a tire. After screaming at the driver to back up, the car reversed off the dog’s leg and within minutes paramedics and police were on the scene.

Adding insult to injury, the responding police officer, according to Marlowe, was disrespectful, playing down the incident and filing an inaccurate police report that
omitted the fact that she too was hit by the car. In addition, the driver, who hit Marlowe
in front of a street full of witnesses, walked away without even receiving a summons
says Marlowe.

“It was horrendous. In a city where I get a $50 ticket for my dog stepping on grass when she’s overheated, this guy hits me with his car and doesn’t even get a ticket.”

Immediately after the accident the 15-month-old rescued Pit Bull named Bossie was taken to Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists. The dog was diagnosed with severe lacerations across the right back leg, and had to be put on bed rest for two weeks.

In the weeks that followed, Marlowe, who just one month earlier lost her own beloved dog Angelique, a rescued Pit Bull from Philadelphia that had been severely abused for years by her previous owner, now found herself recovering and taking care of another rescued Pit Bull with a similar history.

Whereas Angelique was discovered in the streets of Philadelphia after receiving a blow to the head from a two-by-four with nails sticking out of it, Bossie was found starved and infested with fleas in a Philadelphia backyard where he had supposedly been forced to live outside for nearly a year.

Though initially unwilling to bring another pup into her life so soon after Angelique’s passing, Marlowe, would soon reconsider, and after risking her life for a dog, whom at the time was not her own, she decided to change Bossie’s status in her life and adopt him.

As fortunate as Bossie was to have found his way into Marlowe’s heart, many more dogs and cats suffer similar stories of abuse, neglect and abandonment yet still search for that person who can show them as much love as they can give. To learn how you can help animals like Bossie find that loving, permanent home they deserve, log onto to view a list of Mighty Mutts’ most adoptable dogs and cats.BlkBx